What is the difference between a green roof and a roof garden?

A roof garden is a space for you, your family and your friends to use and enjoy. It usually consists of bespoke seating areas, planting in containers and lights to extend its use into evenings. A green roof consists of low-level planting, usually sedum or grasses, over a roof area which is not used by people. It will help conserve energy, assist the environment and be a pleasure to look at. A green roof system is installed directly onto a waterproofed roof, not in containers. Our roof terraces often combine a green roof as part of the design. But if you only want a green roof, we supply and fit a high-quality locally-grown sedum and sedum/wildflower green roof system. Amongst its many advantages, the system comes in pre-grown modules allowing easy installation, and, equally important, easy removal of sections if maintenance of the underlying roof is required. Click on the menu item LIFETILE above for more details.