The use of robots in farming has been hailed as the future of agriculture, sustainability, and the food industry. 301

This is called ‘precision agriculture technology’, and that’s why a company called FarmBot is developing this cool robot, the FarmBot Genesis. It is a crop-growing machine that lets you design your own very real patch of crops in your garden from a game-style app on your phone, tablet or desktop.



It reminds of a 3D printer with an arm that is able to seed, control the soil moisture, water the plants and remove the bad weeds. From the app, you can graphically design how your garden will look by dragging and dropping plants onto the map, plant seeds, water them, add nutrients, do the weeding, and even get information like temperature and soil factors. The app will let you know once it’s time to harvest.



It is actually a serious feat of technology that could make managing crops in your greenhouse, raised bed, urban roof garden or even larger commercial farming land more cost-efficient and less laborious.

Watch this video to see this cool machine in action.

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