URBAN ROOF FARMERS – masterplan urban farm projects

The vertical farming idea has garnered considerable interest from architects and governments all over the world. Vertical farms are now feasible and we cannot think on a future without them. A vertical farm would behave like a functional ecosystem, in which waste was recycled and water used over and over again. Vertical farms would not only revolutionize and improve urban life but also revitalize land that was damaged by traditional farming. They would also make cities more pleasant places to live, bringing a great concentration of plants into cities that would absorb carbon dioxide produced by automobile emissions and give off oxygen in return. The farms would also greatly reduce air pollution, since they would eliminate the need for heavy farm machinery and trucks that deliver food from farm to plate. These are just a few benefits of a long list. Below are some interesting masterplan urban farm projects proposed for some of the biggest cities all around the world. Farm Tower in London, designed by the architect Brandon Martella:

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‘Live Share Grow’ is a farm and residential tower proposed by the architect Brandon Martella for San Diego:

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‘Paris in 2050’ by the architect Vincent Callebaut:

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‘The Dragonfly’, Vincent Callebaut’s vertical Farm for New York City:


Plantagon’s vertical farm for Linköping (Sweden):


Professors Eric Ellingsen and Dickson Despommier’s vertical farm:


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