URBAN ROOF FARMERS – roof top farms

Gardens can and will be everywhere! We need more plants to provide us with food and clean air, and to nourish the human race in 2050, every rooftop has to be made into a garden! We need more plants to provide us with food and clean air. StudioInvisible’s Wonder Forest (Beirut, Lebanon)



Below are some examples of some roof top farms that are already producing food and cleaning the air of some cities around the world: The Brooklyn Grange (New York) This is an example of PLANT-TO-PLATE and ORGANIC agriculture. Organic produce becomes more accessible as Urban farming forces farmers to grow crop in a more controlled and conscious manner. The main reason something isn’t organic is because the farmer is forced to use chemical pesticides to ensure a good yield when the environmental factors are not crop-friendly. The environmental factor is reduced to minimum in urban farming, so there is no actual need for using chemical growth regulators. All it takes is a good quality soil that contains nutrients, excellent lighting system and good quality water. Watch this video to see a full growing season at the Brooklyn Grange’s farm.


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Studio Gang’s Rooftop Wheat Field (Chicago). Project in collaboration with Omni Ecosystems, featuring a wheat field living roof.  They were able to demonstrate that green roofs can support more than just leafy vegetables.

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The Queens Apiary. Waldorf Astoria’s roof top (New York). They manage to produce the hotel’s own local honey.


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JFK Airport T5 Rooftop Urban Farm (New York)


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Gotham Greens’ rooftop greenhouse farm (New York). They are able to harvest daily and deliver directly to supermarkets and restaurants within hours of picking.


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