With new research supporting findings that green space is largely connected with happier, healthier, and more environmentally sound living, we are asking ourselves the question (as posed by ‘how can we build more green space in our cities?’ And … Continue reading


This week we are getting inspired by some objects and materials which had a second chance at life: Reduce/Reuse/Recycle! Have you ever heard about the Earthship homes? They are constructed using recycled and natural materials, mainly used tyres and glass … Continue reading


London weather is back to rainy today but in the last couple of days we were excited to see blue skies and sunrays over the city, reminiscent of long-missed summer days! The excitement lasts at least until you get out … Continue reading

Up on the roof

Glass staircases, fireplaces and minimalist kitchens… designers and developers are taking the inside out and turning urban roof terraces into al fresco living rooms. There is scarcely a designer or developer in the land who doesn’t enthuse about “letting the … Continue reading